The Advanced Master’s Pokemon Guide [VHS]

Enter The Exclusive Pokemon Combat Center To Discover: Part 1 covers the evolution and overall phenomenon of Pokemon including exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of a Pokemon championship tournament. Once there, you’ll observe the techniques and strategies of the Pokemon Masters as they compete for the gold. Also included are trading tips and training methods from Ztorm, a renowned Pokemon Master and legend in the tournament circuit, as he shares the secrets that can transform the average Pokemon Trainer into a Pokemon Master. Part 2 is the ultimate journey for the hardcore Pokemaniac as you report for duty at the exclusive Pokemon Combat Center, a sate-of-the-art playing facility and headquarters for Ztorm, the trainer of champions. Ztorm shares his wisdom on such topics as maximizing hit points, the secrets of evolution, base elements and characters, and the inside scoop on theme decks. Part 3 presents Ztorm supervising a head-to-head match-up of two Pokemon Champions. The usually fast and frantic game is slowed down as the players explain their strategies and Ztorm gives a play-by-play of the action. Moves are critiqued and broken down allowing Ztorm to explain more intricate concepts and strategies to improve your game. In Part 4 Ztorm brings you up-to-date on all of the latest pokenews including reviews of the movie as well as the newest and hottest Pokemon cards on the market. As a special added bonus, exclusive to the DVD, Ztorm performs his original “Pokemon Combat” rap. Released Mar 14, 2000 by the Brentwood Home Video (BCI Eclipse LLC) studio.
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