The Solar Power Future And the Dilemma of Free and Fair Trade

Ah the Law of Unintended Consequences never seems to amaze me, as that “road to hell is always paved with the greatest of intentions,” isn’t it? Consider if you will all the money the US has wasted in stimulus promoting alternative energy. Indeed, we’ve totally re-arranged our entire energy sector to make room for new entrants like biofuel, solar, and wind power. Yes, we were promised “millions of new jobs” weren’t we? We were told that the government knows best and we are entering a new age of prosperity, ushering in a new era of clean and abundant energy.Well, some 5-years later we haven’t got a lot to show for all those billions lost, and we now have higher fuel prices due to increased regulations on oil and delays in pipelines and permitting processes – and it’s only going to get worse I see. Then we have the fiasco of so many large epic taxpayer guaranteed loan failures with Solyndra, A123 Batteries, and several large scale solar farms. Perhaps the most interesting thing is the Obama Administration is blaming it all on China. Even if China was just competing for the free-flowing government giveaways because they know they can beat us in a one-on-one game in the manufacturing sector.Okay so, as bad as this all is it’s not the only place we see these epic alternative energy failures, just look what’s going on in Europe with their carbon trading scandals, or the near collapse of those carbon credit certificates. And don’t think they haven’t followed us into the solar tragedy with regards to China’s superior manufacturing cost structure of solar panels.There was an interesting piece in the New York Times on February 20, 2013 titled; “European Solar Panel Importers Say Tariffs on Chinese Products Could Cost Jobs,” by James Kanter, which duly stated; “Importers of inexpensive solar panels from China said that imposing tariffs would lead to 100s of 1000s of job losses in the EU, the biggest export market for the Chinese equipment.”Now then, with all this said, I’d like to comment on the reality that “IF” all of the Global Warming alarmism and push for alternative energy was really about saving said planet, then what difference does it really make who manufactures the world’s solar panels. I mean obviously if the panels are cheaper there is a faster ROI for those who put them on their homes, businesses, and government agencies right? And the more panels up, the cleaner the air. But now we see all of this is just pure economics, and I’d go so far as to say; it always was.This isn’t about the environment at all. Europe promoted global warming to sell the US their alternative energy hardware. China said “fine, if you want it, we will make it,” and then the US and EU told China, no we don’t want to buy it from you, which sends out the real message loud and clear. If there really were any folks serious about the environment once upon a time, I am sure by now they realize that their illustrious leaders used them to promote a different cause and the environmental angle and global warming religion was just a marking and branding smoke screen.If you have the intellect to debate these issues at a much higher level, then do shoot me an email and let’s talk. Please consider all this and think on it.