ProAm 7″ On-Camera LCD Video Monitor Kit with RCA AV Inputs

Best ProAm 7″ On-Camera LCD Video Monitor Kit with RCA AV Inputs

  • View live footage as it is being recorded on this 7″ LCD (SD) screen
  • Easily attaches to a video camera or camera crane using included accessory shoe adapter
  • Completely portable with the included Canon BP-911 style battery adapter
  • NTSC & PAL compatible, 4:3 and 16:9 selectable, Full Color
  • Includes all cables and accessories shown (no battery)

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You put a lot of heart and soul into your art. Is filming without a LCD screen become a hassle for you? Are you tired of trying to squint through small viewfinders or even non-existent ones? With this video camera monitor, you can step back from the camera and see your picture clearly and in high detail without missing a second of the action.

Completely portable meets completely affordable! Whether DSLR filmmaking or wedding and church videography, this portable video monitor is the package that your camera needs. With it’s lightweight, sleek design and bright, high resolution 7 inch LCD screen, the ProAm LCD monitor kit will meet all of your requirements without squeezing your budget.

This small LCD monitor is extremely versatile and can be used as an on-camera LCD monitor, as a monitor for a camera crane, a DSLR monitor and a jib mountable LCD monitor. With it’s small and battery pack adapter (accepts Canon BP-911 style batteries), this system give you the most for your money. A large Canon BP battery can charge the monitor for up to 5 hours or more!

This package was designed for camcorders lacking a video camera monitor and is frequently used as a monitor on models like the Canon XL1, XL1s, XL2 and XLH1. The ProAm 7″ monitor kit is also compatible with DSLR cameras like the 5D Mark II and 7D. The portable video monitor kit features a 7″ TFT LCD Screen with camera battery adapter. It displays 16:9 widescreen or 4:3. The ProAm LCD monitor kit has an on screen display for easy adjustment of all settings; color, brightness, contrast, volume. With incredible functionality, this portable system contains both RCA video and audio inputs, a stunning resolution of 1440 (480) x 234 and is NTSC & PAL compatible.

Hurry this hot ticket item is going fast! Buy now and reward yourself with versatility and efficiency to make your video production move faster and easier.

This model is not HD. Please check our other listings for a low priced HD monitor!

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ProAm 7″ On-Camera LCD Video Monitor Kit with RCA AV Inputs