How to Get Your Ex Back in Your Arms Fast – The 3 Step Simple Strategy to Winning Their Heart Back

After a break-up, we usually start desperately wondering what we should do or say to stop the breakup and get our ex back (that’s if we still love them and there wasn’t abuse or violence involved…)Even if there are some simple steps we can follow, we must remember that we’re all unique, nobody is like the other. This is why, although there are basic rules about everything, nobody can tell you how to specifically act or how your ex will react to what you do. But, what we all can make good use of, is a guide to plan a strategy to reach our goal.Here are some helpful tips to include in your strategy for getting your ex back.1. In order to start planning the right strategy for contacting your ex after a breakup and getting them in the right frame of mind to re-consider your relationship… you have to be able to answer one simple question: what is it that makes you really want him/her back?To answer this question, you will have to remember what made you fall for them in the first place, and what made them fall for you. Sometimes we need to remember how it felt to have “butterflies” in he stomach. Don’t just say “I just love them…”. Be specific. Write in an honest fashion the good and bad sides of your relationship and your ex partner. Before you can continue with your plan, you have to be clear on those.2. Don’t shower your ex with attention after the breakup. This will make you seem needy and desperate. People are wired to reject neediness and desperation and excessive contact will push your ex further away and only confirm their decision to break up with you.Experts recommend that you don’t contact your ex for about a month if at all possible. If kids are involved that might not be so easy, but even so, try to keep it to some rational brief talk.3. Plan your strategy to re-ignite desire and attraction. We tend to forget what love is when everything turns into a routine. There is no “magic” left, as most would say. These are some reasons why most people usually break-up, using the “love is over” excuse. Truth is, love is not really over, we just can’t seem to “remember” anymore.In your plan, make sure to consider why you want them back and what actually went wrong in your relationship in the first place (the real reason, not the excuses…).It’s critical that you make a plan and NOT act out of impulse. Salvaging your relationship and winning back their heart, mind and soul requires a calm and gradual approach. If you are at all interested in this subject, there are some great resources available on the web. Check out the next paragraph for some links, tips and even couple of free video tips…


How to Choose Retirement Or ‘Independence’ Work For Your Salvation

Many who reach retirement need to work for more income. Those who are younger want out of the drudgery of their ’employee’ jobs. Both can find something to ‘work at’ that makes life enjoyable. This article helps get them started.Retirees, about to be and younger workers Many retirees also want something to ‘work at’ that keeps them going in a purposeful and satisfying way. But they don’t want the stress and drudgery of jobs they left. Fortunately, they’ve got time to develop what they like. Reaching 60 means you statistically have another 30 years to live.With the help of Social Security, pensions or savings, retirees can choose and develop an ‘avocation’ that’s enjoyable and meaningful. They can work part-time since they already have some base income while reaping the benefit of satisfaction and something to do.If you’re not in retirement, you can find the type of work that’s enjoyable to you, but you’ll have to put time aside each week to prepare for it.Benefits of working at what you want Work is good for you emotionally, physically, and socially no matter what your age. Of course, what you work at should be enjoyable – not the stress-filled drudgery that can put you in an early grave. To reap the benefits of working enjoyably, you’ve got to find something you love.Confucius said that if you find a ‘calling’ you love to do, you’ll never work a day in your life. I thing we’d all like to find such a ‘calling’. In fact, to be successful at whatever you ‘work at’, you must fall in love with doing it.If it’s independence you crave, then it’s all the more important to develop a career that you’ll love. Self-employed work often demands many more hours more than ’employee’ job. But when you work at what you like, you can be both at work and not at work simultaneously.To find out what you’ll love to do, you must find out what really makes you tick – what drives you and gives you satisfaction. That’s accomplished in 2 parts.Part 1: Recognizing the work attributes of what you like to do:Perhaps for many years, you’ve been working at things that just don’t turn you on. You did it as a job for money to handle the bills. You may have chosen your career based on suggestions of your parents or others because you lacked the experience to form your own idea of what to do.Some things you worked at were ‘OK’, some were fun, and some were drudgery. You not only ignored what you really wanted to do, you – more than likely – never developed what it is that you might really like to do.Now you’ve worked and lived through many years. You’ve acquired the experience from which you can develop your ideas.Here’s how you can extract from your experiences those attributes of working you’ll enjoy:1. Reflect on your skills and interests you’ve developed or touched on during your life. Jot them down, their context, and how you felt about them.2. Compile your ‘enjoyable’ skills and interests from which to fashion possible ideas to work at. Seek more education only about what interests you.3. Then you can seek an ‘endeavor’ based on what you enjoy that can keep you happy.Part 2: Know yourself and how you fit into ‘the world’:While you’re pulling out your enjoyable skills and interests from your life experiences – and contemplating in what way you can use them to ‘work at’ – you should come to terms with who you really are and how you’d best fit in doing the types of things you enjoy.To do so, try to answer these questions with a positive view of the world:* What are your core beliefs? This defines who you are – and who you aren’t.* What’s important to you in the scheme of life? This orients you and your direction.* What skills do you like using and interests you like following? This is what you bring in skills and interest to your work from part 1.* What would you like to communicate to people through your work? This is what you have to offer through your work.* How can you make things better – at least for some people? – This is what your work offers directly.Take your time to work through part 1 for recognizing your skills and interests and part 2 for understanding who you are and where you’ll best fit in. It’s an ongoing exercise anyway. But doing so will put you on your way to finding a successful endeavor that others will appreciate what you enjoy doing.

The Solar Power Future And the Dilemma of Free and Fair Trade

Ah the Law of Unintended Consequences never seems to amaze me, as that “road to hell is always paved with the greatest of intentions,” isn’t it? Consider if you will all the money the US has wasted in stimulus promoting alternative energy. Indeed, we’ve totally re-arranged our entire energy sector to make room for new entrants like biofuel, solar, and wind power. Yes, we were promised “millions of new jobs” weren’t we? We were told that the government knows best and we are entering a new age of prosperity, ushering in a new era of clean and abundant energy.Well, some 5-years later we haven’t got a lot to show for all those billions lost, and we now have higher fuel prices due to increased regulations on oil and delays in pipelines and permitting processes – and it’s only going to get worse I see. Then we have the fiasco of so many large epic taxpayer guaranteed loan failures with Solyndra, A123 Batteries, and several large scale solar farms. Perhaps the most interesting thing is the Obama Administration is blaming it all on China. Even if China was just competing for the free-flowing government giveaways because they know they can beat us in a one-on-one game in the manufacturing sector.Okay so, as bad as this all is it’s not the only place we see these epic alternative energy failures, just look what’s going on in Europe with their carbon trading scandals, or the near collapse of those carbon credit certificates. And don’t think they haven’t followed us into the solar tragedy with regards to China’s superior manufacturing cost structure of solar panels.There was an interesting piece in the New York Times on February 20, 2013 titled; “European Solar Panel Importers Say Tariffs on Chinese Products Could Cost Jobs,” by James Kanter, which duly stated; “Importers of inexpensive solar panels from China said that imposing tariffs would lead to 100s of 1000s of job losses in the EU, the biggest export market for the Chinese equipment.”Now then, with all this said, I’d like to comment on the reality that “IF” all of the Global Warming alarmism and push for alternative energy was really about saving said planet, then what difference does it really make who manufactures the world’s solar panels. I mean obviously if the panels are cheaper there is a faster ROI for those who put them on their homes, businesses, and government agencies right? And the more panels up, the cleaner the air. But now we see all of this is just pure economics, and I’d go so far as to say; it always was.This isn’t about the environment at all. Europe promoted global warming to sell the US their alternative energy hardware. China said “fine, if you want it, we will make it,” and then the US and EU told China, no we don’t want to buy it from you, which sends out the real message loud and clear. If there really were any folks serious about the environment once upon a time, I am sure by now they realize that their illustrious leaders used them to promote a different cause and the environmental angle and global warming religion was just a marking and branding smoke screen.If you have the intellect to debate these issues at a much higher level, then do shoot me an email and let’s talk. Please consider all this and think on it.

Pampers Softcare Baby Fresh Wipes 7x box, 504 Count

Pampers Baby Fresh Scented Wipes A great, refreshing clean every time Make changing time clean time with Pampers Baby Fresh wipes with Softgrip Texture. Baby Fresh wipes are 4X stronger than other leading baby wipes brands. Plus they are hypoallergenic and have a refreshing scent and lotion with pure water in every wipe. During changing time, your baby will love the refreshing clean of Pampers Baby Fresh wipes. Features: Pampers Baby Fresh Wipes have a refreshing scent Hypoallergenic; Lotion made with pure water Unique Softgrip Texture for a refreshing clean Convenient.
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Transcend 4 GB SDHC Class 6 Flash Memory Card with Card Reader TS4GSDHC6-S5W

Best Transcend 4 GB SDHC Class 6 Flash Memory Card with Card Reader TS4GSDHC6-S5W

  • 4GB SDHC6 with RDS5W Card Reader.
  • Latest Technical Development.
  • With True Enhanced Performance.

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Transcend currently offers a combo package that includes a SDHC card together with a Compact Card Reader S5 to make transferring data easier than ever. Just slide the SDHC card into S5 and plug it directly into any USB 2.0 (or 1.1) port and is capable of data transfer rates up to 480Mb/s. The reader works just like a standard USB flash drive, and supports the latest SDHC standard for hi-end large capacity memory cards. Transcend’s SDHC + the world’s thinnest SD/MMC Card Reader S5 is the perfect combination for your mobile lifestyle.

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Transcend 4 GB SDHC Class 6 Flash Memory Card with Card Reader TS4GSDHC6-S5W

Camden Archival Aluminum 17x22x1 Presentation Box

Bargain Camden Archival Aluminum 17x22x1 Presentation Box

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    Present your artwork and photos in our anodized aluminum Camden Aluminum Presentation Boxes. These lift-off lid style boxes are fully archival and feature finger notches on the sides to facilitate removal of the lids. Inside Dimensions 17.5×22.5×1

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    Camden Archival Aluminum 17x22x1 Presentation Box

    ProMaster FW26T Featherweight Tripod with Ballhead

    Best reviews of ProMaster FW26T Featherweight Tripod with Ballhead

    • Includes PROMASTER BH-26 ball head with quick release
    • Max. Working Height: 63″ / 160cm
    • Min Working Height: 9 1/4″ / 23.5cm
    • Max. Load: 11 lbs. / 5 kg
    • Folded Height: 24 3/8″ / 61.9cm

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    PROMASTER® Featherweight tripods feature multi-position legs and a built-in short column for very low angle shooting while the lever lock legs allow fast setup. The magnesium alloy casting and reverse rhombic leg design minimizes weight while providing a stable platform for your camera.

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