Hague Steadicam MMC Mini Motion Cam Steadycam Camera Stabilizer

Buy Hague Steadicam MMC Mini Motion Cam Steadycam Camera Stabilizer

  • Eliminates camera shake
  • Smooth camera movement
  • Quick & simple to set up
  • Suitable for lightweight handheld camcorders & DSLR’s
  • Ideal camera weight 0.7lb (0.3kg) to 1.8lb (0.8kg)

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The world’s most popular and best selling small camera stabilizer system at a price you can afford. This is the original handheld stabilizer, designed and manufactured by Hague Camera Supports in England and used worldwide by thousands of dedicated users. The Hague MMC Mini Motion Cam Stabilizer is the original and most popular lightweight camera stabilizer on the market. The MMC is manufactured in the UK by a professional camera supports company using only high quality materials and has been designed for lightweight camera set ups between 300g (0.7lb) – 800g (1.8lb). We have thousands of satisfied customers and fans worldwide who have accumulated hours of quality footage and made many YouTube videos using the best small stabilizer available. The crucial part of any stabilizer is the gimble, as it is essential that the handle is totally free moving. The Hague Mini Motion Cam’s gimble has a highly polished ball with a nylon socket ensuring super free movement. This makes it far superior and more effective than any other “ball type” stabilizer on the market. The camera fits directly onto the stabilizer with adjustment for moving the camera forward and back for balancing. At the bottom of the Mini Motion Cam is an adjustable counterbalance platform with weights. Once balanced it is quick and simple to level off the camera. The Hague Mini Motion Cam is made of aluminium with zinc plated counterbalance weights. A selection of counterbalance weights are supplied for balancing the different weights of camera. It is also possible to mount cameras that are either lighter or heavier than the specified weight limit but you would need one of the additional weight adaptors that are not included but are available on our Hague Camera Supports website. Suitable for all makes of lightweight handheld cameras 0.3 – 0.8kg. (0.7lbs – 1.8lbs) Approximate size: – Length 19cm. x Width 3.5cm. x Height 27cm. Weight: – 300g. Plus counterbalance weights. Colour Black.

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