AZDEN SGM-2X Professional Shotgun Microphone

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  • 2-barrel, 16″ super-cardioid shotgun microphone
  • XLR output
  • Super-cardioid or omni pickup patterns
  • Switchable low-cut filter
  • Frequency response: 40Hz-20kHz

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The SGM-2X Professional Shotgun Microphone System is designed for both the Pro-Sound and Broadcast markets. The microphone comes with two barrels making it either an omni (8.11″ long) or, by adding the extension barrel, a supercardioid (15.75″ long). Either configuration provides a sensitive, low-noise, wide bandwidth signal through its balanced, low-impedanced XLR output. The SGM-2X comes complete with a unique, integrated shock-mount with both camera shoe-mount and mic stand-mount and two foam windscreens. The microphone is powered by a single, not included, “AAA” battery (no Phanton Power), which lasts more than 250 hours.

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