Gripper – Camera & Electronics Vacuum Mount

Best price Gripper – Camera & Electronics Vacuum Mount

  • Black with aluminum accessory mount and fully adjustable pan, tilt and rotate Bogen head
  • Mounts cameras, scopes and camcorders with standard 1/4-20 thread
  • Attaches to flat or curved, smooth, nonporous surfaces
  • Red-line indicator warns user of any vacuum loss – Check valve allows repumping without loss of remaining vacuum
  • Lift tabs on pad edges permit instant release

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Gripper is a vacuum mount with many features of a tripod, but designed for people “on the go”. Designed to support cameras, spotting scopes, camcorders, GPS instruments, and more, GRIPPER provides a solid, reliable support that is easily movable from place to place.
GRIPPER attaches on autos, RV’s, boats, windows, counter tops… anything with a smooth, nonporous surface. Three knobs on the Bogen head provide a professional touch with infinite poitioning and control for tilting, panning and rotating. The 6 inch vacuum cup features a red-line indicator that warns the user of any vacuum loss. A check valve allows repumping without loss of remaining vacuum. While the vacuum cup itself is rated to hold 70 lbs., the mounting capacity of Gripper is 6.7 lbs., the manufacturer suggested weight limit of the Bogen 3025 head.

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Gripper – Camera & Electronics Vacuum Mount